If you follow my content, you probably know that I invested a lot of time and energy in Angular Forms (specifically Template-driven Forms). I created an Advanced Template-driven Forms Course That uses an opinionated solution that focuses on:

  • Boilerplate less code
  • Type-safety
  • Reactivity
  • Declarative code
  • Opinionated model validations
  • Automatic validation messages translation form Vest to Angular

I care more about making a difference than sales, so I went ahead and open-sourced the entire solution.

2 versions

template-driven-forms repo

There is the template-driven-forms repo that you can check here and can test directly here on Stackblitz codeflow.

The cool thing about this repo is that it contains the entire complex form that I teach about in my Course The demo application has the following functionality:

  • Show validation errors on blur
  • Show validation errors on submit
  • When first name is Brecht: Set gender to male
  • When first name is Brecht and last name is Billiet: Set age and passwords
  • When first name is Luke: Fetch Luke Skywalker from the swapi api
  • When age is below 18, make Emergency contact required
  • When age is of legal age, disable Emergency contact
  • There should be at least one phone number
  • Phone numbers should not be empty
  • When gender is other, show Specify gender
  • When gender is other, make Specify gender required
  • Password is required
  • Confirm password is only required when password is filled in
  • Passwords should match, but only check if both are filled in
  • Billing address is required
  • Show shipping address only when needed (otherwise remove from DOM)
  • If shipping address is different from billing address, make it required
  • If shipping address is different from billing address, make sure they are not the same
  • When providing shipping address and toggling the checkbox back and forth, make sure the state is kept
  • When clicking the Fetch data button, load data, disable the form, and patch and re-enable the form

As you can see, a lot of rules, a lot of conditional stuff, but you can play around with it and you have access to the entire codebase!🥰 This is a screen of the Stackblitz environment: tdd-forms-codeflow.png

template-driven-forms-starter repo

I also created a second repo: The template-driven-forms-starter repo that you can check here and can test directly here on Stackblitz codeflow.

This is an empty repo/playground that I created for 2 reasons:

  • I can start my YouTube video’s starting from this playground (This is the playlist).
  • It’s great to test your knowledge and easily import the template-driven-forms logic directly in your project.

The src/app/template-driven-forms directory contains all the code I’ve created for you to ditch all the boilerplate and to start getting crazy productive with Angular forms!💪


That’s not all, I created a YouTube video where I show you how to get crazy productive with these forms. We create a completely validated form with No boilerplate at all:

This is the typescript part of that simple form…

  selector: 'app-simple-form',
  standalone: true,
  imports: [CommonModule, templateDrivenForms],
  templateUrl: './simple-form.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./simple-form.component.css']
export class SimpleFormComponent {
  protected readonly suite = simpleFormValidations;
  protected readonly formValue = signal<SimpleFormModel>({})

This is the html of my form element:

<form  [alwaysTriggerValidations]="true"

And is the amount of code needed to create an input with automatic validation messages:

<div scControlWrapper>
        <span>First name</span>
        <input type="text" name="firstName" [ngModel]="formValue().firstName">

We will create a completely type-safe form that is:

  • Unidirectional
  • Has a firstName, lastName, age, emergencyContact and 2 passwords.
  • Has conditional validations
  • Has validations on multiple fields (Compare passwords)
  • Validates on Blur
  • Validates on Submit

This is the result: tdd-forms-stackblitz.png I created all that in 5 minutes without any boilerplate code!

Check it out here and learn how to become extremely productive with Forms in No-time!

Here is the Stackblitz example from the video.