Simplified Courses had the opportunity to give a talk at the awesome Belgian ng-be Angular conference.

The topic of our choice was “Reactive Patterns in Angular Enterprise Solutions” where we tackle one of the biggest issues when it comes to Angular development. We tackled the fact that RxJS code can be pretty darn hard!

Understanding RxJS as a technology is one thing. But code written with RxJS can be very complex. We have:

  • Mapping operators
  • Combination operators
  • Different types of subjects
  • Multicasting
  • to avoid memory leaks
  • Error handling

In this talk, we will start from a template that contains complexity and redundancy and refactor everything toward opinionated reactive patterns.

We are extremely proud of these patterns and teach them in our training as well.

Check the talk

This session will only take 25 minutes of your time. If you are interested we love to have a talk about this and we love to hear your opinion! Enjoy the talk!

Update: We have created an open-source npm package called ngx-signal-state that can you can use in all your Angular projects.

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